The Breakdown - future of Title IX

U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy Devos is getting criticized online for a speech she delivered at George Mason University where she discussed the future of Title IX, the law that prohibits discrimination in education based on gender. 

While Secretary Devos did not announce any major policy changes, she appeared to imply the 2011 Dear Colleague letter would be no more. That is memo from the President Barack Obama administration that said publicly-funded schools must investigate and resolve all complaints of sexual assault and set rules on how it had to be done. If the letter is rescinded, the Title IX law does not change.


Some people are saying the process for reporting and investigating sexual violence at schools will now be confusing, saying no guidelines would mean it would be more difficult for survivors to force their schools to confront issues that they may feel were overlooked in the past.



Devos says Title IX has not done enough for sexual assault survivors or wrongly-accused people. She says her department is going to gather feedback from the public and universities to develop a new set of rules.

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