Texas lawmakers weigh in on legalizing sports gambling

The Supreme Court has ruled to strike down the 1992 federal law that bans sports gambling. Monday's ruling will now let state legislatures decide whether to move forward with legalizing.

State Representative Gene Wu, a democrat, has backed legalized gambling in Texas in the past. 

"I'm supportive of legalized gambling in the state and I think my constituents are as well. It could bring more jobs to the state. It could bring more income that's going out to Louisiana. It could leave a lot of tax revenue in our state that could be used for education, used for healthcare and a lot of other things," Wu said. 

Despite that, Wu is not hopeful it could pass in this legislature. 

"I couldn't imagine a scenario where the legislature would legalize just this aspect of gambling but not touch other aspects. The Texas legislature has gone back and forth on this for decades. Legalized gambling comes with negative, social consequences that can be devastating to communities," Wu said. 

Harris County GOP Chairman Paul Simpson said the party considers Monday's Supreme Court ruling a win.

"The Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government cannot commandeer the legislatures of every state and tell them how to pass the laws and what laws they should pass, so it's a good thing," Simpson said.

Sports gambling is widely popular with the American Gaming Association estimating that $150 billion is bet on sports each year-- illegally.

Some fans are stoked about the possibility. 

"The people love it. You know it's already going on. It's just something that could bring more money to the economy," sports fan Brad Alexander said. 

Others worry what else legalized sports gambling could bring. 

"If people are responsible, then it's fine but not everybody is responsible," sports fan, Eugene Kim said.

Currently, Texans can play the lottery and bet on horse races and greyhound dog races. Other than that, gambling for the most part, is not allowed, except in private places. However, the state does not allow for the organizer of any social gambling games to take a cut. 

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