Texas A&M women's basketball team in Spain at time of terrorist attack

- “My Mom called me while I was at work frantic to find out the schedule where she was in Spain,” said Karen Nichols.

Nichols couldn’t be prouder of her niece Emer Nichols, a freshman player on Texas A&M women’s basketball team.

The worried aunt says she calmed down a little bit once she heard Emer’s voice.

Nichols says she can’t wait for her niece to return to U.S. soil.

“She didn’t say too much she seemed pretty calm which was good for me I didn’t want to talk to her and hear her all hysterical she was pretty calm,” Nichols said.

“These terrorist attacks are becoming a very usual thing in the world," said Mi Luna employee Clauzia Alants.
Mi Luna in West University is known for traditional Spanish dishes.

Employees and customers alike are reeling from the deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona.

“You’re on vacation just having a fun time and this happens," Alants said. “It’s a very sad event.”

“Now people don’t feel safe. They think I can’t go there something might happen,” said Marissa Burres. “It’s horrible.”

“You can’t expect people to live in fear they have to go about their business but be vigilant," said Conrad Chambers. “But what can you do against these people that have no values no value of life.”

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