Texans fans disappointed season is over after a miserable loss to the Chiefs

- A lot of disappointment in the air Saturday night after the Houston Texans ended their season losing 30-0 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Fans walked out of NRG when it was dark, which matched the mood.  But there was a bright spot.

99-year-old Asalee Poole got the gift of a lifetime, meeting her favorite JJ Watt before the big playoff game.  She was hoping for a victory, and so were thousands of excited fans.  But afterwards was a much different ball game.  Texans never scoring one touchdown.  Some fans still searched for a silver lining.

“I'm so proud of our guys. But I'm really hurt for them. They had a great season but all I can say is ‘go Texans.’ I cannot wait for next year,” Vicky Giblin said.

“They could have changed quarterbacks.  We were only down 13 to nothing. Hoyer wasn't doing a thing. Change quarterbacks and see if they provide a spark,” Chip Babcock said.

But we did bump into some happy Chiefs fans.

“Oh my god. It was the greatest win ever. Chiefs hadn't been here this long. It was great. It was a dominating game,” Barry Miller said.

Now Texans fans praying next season turns out a lot better.

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