Texans fans cut team logo in hair

- “P-Da-Barber" in Stafford is “da man” when it comes to cutting team logos into customers’ hair. 

“It takes some skills, it's just practice,” he said.  “Hair art.  The new fashion, a new trend everybody doing."

With the Texans back in the playoffs for the first time in 4 years, Lamond Hines is using his head to show support. 

“’You're getting a logo carved in your head today, why?’  For the love of our city.  Houston is number one man," he said.

Every cut and every curve has to be just right, because one wrong move...

“You can't put it back on there once you cut it,” said P-Da-Barber.    “Some people use stencils I don't really use stencils. Just look at it this is what it should be."

P-Da-Barber carefully crafts a Texans logo on Abraham's head. 

“’You're a true fan?’ Of course yes all the way!  JJ Watt of course, what's up," said Abraham Carrillo.

While the hair falls, he's hoping the Texans won't against the Chiefs. 

“The skies the limit with this team now,” he said.

And if the Texans win, it means more potential business in his barber chair. 

“Hopefully they'll win and bring some more excitement to the city,” said P-Da-Barber.

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