Temporary animal shelter in need of volunteers

- For some flood survivors, Harvey's aftermath is too much to bear forcing them to make some tough decisions like giving up their pet. To accommodate those homeless pets, a makeshift holding facility has been set up in southwest Houston.

It's an old grocery store, the Seller's Supermarket located at 8620 Stella Link Road. The vacant store was flooded by over 3 feet of water, but after some work it's now turned into a holding place for pet's needing a new home.

"In the past week, we've taken in about 1000," says Andrea Birkelbach, Founder of Houston Pets Alive.

And more continued to be dropped off. A supermarket, turned shelter for Houston's homeless pets, waiting for a new place to roam.

"All of the animals that are entering a shelter system are safe. We're getting at least 95 percent of them out alive. This has never happened in Houston," says Birkelbach.

Birkelbach is leading the charge at 8620 Stella Link Road.

The need in these flood ravaged communities is great. No exception in Southwest Houston where volunteer's, willing to walk, foster, even scoop the poop are welcome.

"They've been through a lot of trauma with the flooding and losing their homes and everything, but I will tell you, for the most part, they have the most pleasing personality because dogs are more resilient than people," says Nadine Braunfeld who is volunteering with Houston Pets Alive.

Braunfeld owns several rescues herself and is using her love of animals as a way to help her four legged, furry friends.

"You rescue them, but in a way they also rescue you," says Braunfeld.

"As of this morning (9/13), we had 148 cats and then in this building, we had about 200 dogs," says Birkelbach.

The animals that wind up that this old Steller's will likely be relocated. These pets have all been surrendered by families not able to care for them anymore due to the floods or rescued from other pet shelters that took on water.

"We'll be here for at least another month and we want to continue the momentum of no kill so however we can help the community, we're here," says Birkelbach.

Organizers say the immediate need at their facility is volunteers and short-term foster parents. Click Here for more information and to apply.

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