Teen who was found dead was being pressured to join gang

- A 14-year-old boy whose body was found behind a church had been living in fear according to his mother. 

Before young Mike Delfin was found dead in the Spring Branch district behind St. Jerome Catholic Community on Kempwood Avenue on Wednesday, his mother says he was so terrified of area gang members he dropped out of school a week ago. 

"They were pressuring him to join a gang,” says Delfin’s mother Sandra Gutierrez. She also says the harassment started three months ago. "Even to the point where he didn’t want to go back to school because he felt nothing but pressure. They had already assaulted him. They had already beat him up.”  

The teen quit school last week but was reported missing on Tuesday. 

“I feel nothing but sadness and pain in my heart because the words that I told my son before unfortunately came true. I said, 'One day, your friends are going to leave you by yourself and they’re not going to help you.'"  

While Mike was missing, his mother says she searched Facebook, finding friends talking on his group page.  She says one post in particular stood out. “Where Mike at?" and someone answers “Same spot as yesterday, but don’t tell his ppl."    

The mourning mother says one of her son’s friends ultimately told her Mike was left behind St. Jerome Catholic Community asleep. She went there on Wednesday and found her son dead.  
“It’s a life, it’s my kid -- only 14 years old,” says Mike's father Oscar Mejia.  
A picture of Mike that was taken in January is one of his mother’s favorites. The photo now covers fundraising fliers to pay for his funeral.  
“I told him many times, every time we saw signs like this out, that I never want anything like that to happen to him," says Gutierrez while crying. "I never wanted to see a sign like that for him but unfortunately I'm living it now.” Now she’s trying to come up with the cash to bury her middle son.
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