Supersonic aircraft promises to fly from New York to London in 11 minutes

As the age of supersonic travel fast approaches, there is yet another concept aircraft that promises to go from New York to London in an unbelievable 11 minutes. Called the Antipode, it would be powered by rocket boosters on its wings for takeoff and climb to 40,000 feet at Mach 5.

The acceleration boosters would then separate from the Antipode and fly back to the air base by themselves. If that’s not impressive enough, the Antipode pilot would then ignite its supersonic engines to hit Mach 24 – or speeds of 12,427 miles an hour, reports Forbes.

The jet would be powered by liquid oxygen or kerosene rockets and in theory, it could carry up to 10 passengers. Its designers say it would take a mere 11 minutes to fly from New York to London, 24 minutes to travel from New York to Shanghai and 32 minutes to get from New York to Sydney.

The industrial engineer behind the Antipode is Charles Bombardier, who designed another high-speed aircraft called the Skreemr jet – which was unveiled in October and claims to travel from London to New York in a half an hour. Bombardier worked on the Antipode design in collaboration with Lunatic Koncepts founder Abhishek Roy.

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