Super Bowl in Houston: Super success and coming back again?

- Thirty more people popped into town than expected to enjoy all of the Super Bowl action.  So was it 'more people more problems' or did Houston pull off the super-sized soiree without a hitch? 

“We didn’t really have any hiccups,” explains Chairman of the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee Ric Campo. 

We met up with Campo at Discovery Green where more than a million guests paid a visit.  More precisely, 1.3 million people spent the last nine days of their lives at Discovery Green for Super Bowl Live, which lives no more.  Construction crews are packing up, putting away and peeling off all signs of Super Bowl LI, hosted here in Houston. As it turns out, Hollywood couldn’t have written a more superb Super Bowl experience.

"We really couldn’t have scripted this better.  It was just incredible every day.  We had perfect weather.  We had a perfect game,” says Campo. 

Perfect game?  That may depend on who you ask but Campo says the big guys who count couldn’t be happier with how Houston pulled it off.  “And the NFL is telling us that our pre super bowl events were the best they’ve ever seen too.  So not only did we combine great events in Houston but we had the greatest game ever in Super Bowl history,” smiles Campo.  Even Falcons fans must admit that was quite a comeback for a history making ending right here in Houston. 

The 1.3 million, larger-than-expected crowd at Discovery Green’s Super Bowl Live taught the host committee a valuable lesson.  “We learned to perhaps put a few more entrances in.  Perhaps give people more information about how they should come down earlier in the week when the crowds weren’t as big,” Campo says. 

Take a look around Discovery Green now and clearly the crowds have come and gone.  A big ball now thanks us for stopping by.  Construction crews are taking away all that was Super Bowl LI but they can’t remove our magical memories, which we may be making again in another five years when Houston will bid once more on the big bowl game? 

“Of course we are (going to bid on the Super Bowl).  Absolutely.   The next open spot is 2022 and we’re definitely going to roll out the red carpet again and see if the NFL wants to come back," Campo said.
All those guests who came for the game were kind enough to leave behind more than $350 million.  Quite a nice economic gain for the city of Houston.

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