Students, parents angry following high school suspensions

- Courtney Williams Jr. is doing his school work from home today. He's been suspended for something he says he didn't do.

"I was at the wrong place at the wrong time," the 10th grader says.

Around 7 a.m. Thursday morning, a group of students left the building to go out and watch a fight in the parking lot.

"Well I didn't go outside to the parking lot, I heard a lot of stuff about a fight in the parking lot."

 Later on while in class he got a shock.

" I was taking my test, and they told me to leave the test and come on and bring my belongings. I was being suspended."

He says the school suspended everyone caught on surveillance camera in the hallway. There's a copy of his disciplinary record, clearly stating the reason for his suspension, watching a fight in the parking lot.

" I'm very angry." says Courtney Williams Sr. who, is a high school teacher, " Made me wonder what's their focus on my son's education to prove a point. Whatever that point might be."

A Cy-Fair ISD spokesperson said the point is breaking the rules has consequences. The students who left the building faced disciplinary action. Some parents agree the school did the right thing.

"Yes sir I believe they did. They need to do something in order to stop it. Maybe they'll learn their lesson." said George Silva.

Courtney Sr. just questions the timing, right during finals.

" I understand there have to be consequences, but I'm trying to portray the importance of education and life after high school."

Students will be allowed to take exams after Christmas break. Turns out, the fight never  happened.

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