Student selects "his Majesty" as his pronoun of choice


A University of Michigan Ann Arbor student changed his “preferred pronoun” to His Majesty, September 28. Conservative student Grant Strobl took advantage of his school’s new policy that makes sure all students are referred to as the pronoun they identify with.

According to Strobl, who is chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, he officially requested to change his pronoun to highlight the use of “completely arbitrary” pronouns.

He claimed that he doesn’t have a problem with students “asking to be identified a certain way” and that "it is respectful to make a reasonable effort to refer to students in the way that they prefer.” He did admit that he does have a problem with the possibility of the university sanctioning those who fail to call people by “arbitrary” pronouns.

Stroble urged all his Twitter followers to tweet the college with what they want to be called, encouraging them to join him in his trolling.


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