Stolen baby marmoset's life in danger

Symbio Wildlife Park reported on November 26 that their resident pygmy marmoset family, Gomez, Sofia and a newborn marmoset, were stolen from the zoo overnight on November 25.

The zoo released footage of the marmosets to appeal to the public for information.

In a statement, the zoo said: “Our primary concerns are for the welfare of the entire family – in particular the (four) week old baby who is not yet on solid feeds and require mum’s milk to survive.”

“Pygmy marmosets are a highly social species and a very tight knit family, so this is very distressing on all of the marmosets.

The three marmosets, being the father, Gomez - 10, Sophia - 1, and a four-week-old yet to be named newborn, were taken from their enclosure after entry was forced. The new born is of most concern and needs to be reunited with it's mother as it's still reliant on its mums milk.

Marmosets are New World monkeys found in South America.

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