Spring man suspected of killing his father has history of substance abuse

- Harris County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the house on the 3100 block of Flaming Candle Drive shortly after 6 a.m. on Tuesday. Inside, they found a man dead and his son still on the scene.

Neighbors say they are saddened but not surprised this happened.

One neighbor says he saw the 22-year-old man standing in his driveway early Tuesday morning.

"He was standing in the driveway and he was very agitated," said the neighbor. "I would see them all the time as I would drive past here, you could see lots of stuff going on there."

Authorities say this isn't the first time they were called to the house.

"There's a history of family violence that goes back some time we have been called out to this location before, there's also a history of substance abuse," said Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman.

Sheriffs Deputies say the suspect fled the house after shooting his father, but crashed the car he was driving in the Conroe area. Investigators say he called a woman he knows to pick him up. She took him back to the house, and that's when investigators say he revealed to her what he did. They say she made the 911 call.

Authorities said when they arrived the man surrendered peacefully.

A man who was scheduled to complete repair work inside the home Tuesday morning says he's shocked, but inside the house there are many clues that something behind the walls was just not right.

"There were holes in the walls and chairs thrown and stuck through the wood, said the repairman. "The kid was pretty violent. Even the dad told me that that was the case and I said, hopefully y'all get it worked out."

Authorities say the suspect may have been under the influence of a substance when he was taken into custody. They have not named him, but have said he had a history of substance abuse problems.

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