Some water restrictions lifted in Corpus Christi

- Many Corpus Christi residents are still unable to use their water after restrictions were set Thursday. However, the city and the EPA are lifting several bans, so that some areas can now use the tap water to wash their clothes and take showers.

Friday afternoon city leaders held a press conference releasing information that the east, west and south ends of town had specific restrictions lifted.


For residents like Michael Harris, who are having to grab free cases of water at the donation centers, these have been a stressful last few days. "You know for those of us who like to be clean and stuff like that, when you're not able to use your own water, you know, it's really very difficult", says Harris.


 "You know I have friends that are saying oh go to San Antonio for the weekend, I'm a single mom, I work for the state, I don't have money to go spend on hotel rooms", says Vanessa Lujan who picked up a free case of water on her lunch break.


Many restaurants and businesses in town have had to temporarily close. The HEB off Saratoga has been ordering extra cases of water, seeing twelve shipments come into the store within 24 hours.


City officials say that between 3 and 24 gallons of an ingredient found in asphalt got into the cities water supply after a back flow incident occurred.


"We had a report on the 7th, we had a report on the twelfth on December, we had a report on December 1st, I'm hearing rumors that as even as far back as before Thanksgiving, I'm going to tell you I don't know all of this data but I'm hearing it, we're investigating it and we're going to get to the bottom of it", says newly appointed Mayor Dan McQueen.




For more information and to keep up to date on the restrictions, click here.




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