Sexual predator exposes himself to kids

- Like most parents, mother of four Norma Netro, wants to keep her kids safe.

“I don't feel safe around here,” she said. 

She felt anything but after what happened at her apartment complex on Aldine Mail Road in North Houston this week. 

“I got scared and mad at the same time.” A man exposed himself to her 7-year-old daughter while she was playing on the complex playground.  “She goes into the laundromat all scared ‘mom, mom this man took his thing out and showed it to me’” she said.

Before calling police, Netro confronted the suspected sexual predator and then he took off. 

“He said that he didn't do anything. You're not supposed to be doing that to little kids,” said Netro.

Netro was able to snap a couple pictures of the exposer and posted them to social media as a warning to other parents. 

“I want to let my neighbors know about it because if you don't want another little girl or boy going through that they could get even raped or stuff like that,” said Netro.

According to the D-P-S sex offender registry, there are 78 registered sex offenders living in Norma's zip code 77039.  Dozens are within a one mile radius of her apartment.  

"There are a lot of these individuals out here that pray on our kids we just have to stay vigilant and do our part and try to protect their the kids best we can," said Sgt. Keith Hall with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Protecting her kids is something this mother will try even harder to do now. 

"It just took like a second when I went to put my clothes in the dryer when it happened really I'm not trying to let them outside anymore unless I'm going to be right there with them."

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