Sexual assault organization asks for names of priests to be released

- One national organization claims the names of thousands of Catholic priests who have sexually abused children are being withheld from the public. 

Saturday, a member of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), and an attorney who has represented several sex abuse victims, said his mission was to push the church to release the names of the priests credibly accused of assault.

“I’ve represented a lot of victims of sexual abuse,” said John Sloan, member of SNAP. “And one of the most devastating forms of sexual abuse is people that are abused by persons that they trust.

Sloan added, for the Catholic Church, the people they trust most are their priest. But, for many in the church, believing there are priests who have sexually abused children is a hard fact to come to terms with.

“One of the devastating things that happens to abuse victims is if they confess it to their parents many times they don’t believe them,” said Sloan.  “The point is that there are now 2,800 priests that have been credibly accused or they’ve confessed to victimizing a child and we don’t know their names.”

Saturday Sloan stood outside of the Co-Cathedral of Sacred Heart to inform church members that there are fourteen bishops credibly accused of being pedophiles here in Texas, and they are still hiding.

“That’s all that SNAP is asking, that those names be revealed, that those names be posted to the website so parents can go there and have a way to protect their kids.”

But some church members still don’t believe it is happening in the church. Some questioned Sloan and his purpose for standing outside the church on Saturday while others understood what he was trying to accomplish.

“It is just an incredibly heart-wrenching, heart-breaking thing to have to go through to listen to the pain to hear about the lifelong problems that people have and will have if their abused by a priest or by any adult that’s in a position of power. And  then to think that that could happen that ugly, ugly thing can happen and be covered up by folks that we all trust is just horrifying.

The Archdiocese of Galv-Hou released a statement regarding SNAP’s allegations saying, "We always notify the authorities and fully cooperate with police and civil authorities in regards to any allegations."

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