Several protest groups meet outside of Houston City Hall


Outside the steps of Houston City Hall the Houston Socialist Movement held a protest.

"We are here to protest against Senate Bill 4, the anti-immigrant bill, to protest against police brutality and to protest against the threat of fascism", says Dr. David Michael Smith.

On the other side of the street stood members of the Texas Patriot Network.

"We are here to show support for our police, our police and law enforcement, they are the ones that have to enforce these laws", says Jeremy Brooks.

Several key issues were raised but immigration was one concern that took a forefront, with recent discussions on SB4; which would outlaw sanctuary cities.

"We don't want to see our immigrant brothers and sisters harassed and discriminated and we don't want to see families profiled and stuff", says Dr. Smith.

"What good are we doing by electing these people and asking them to serve and protect  if every time they enforce the law, we stand against them", says Brooks.

While Houston police officers were on site and barricades were out separating the two groups, both parties had folks that say they felt they needed to carry guns for protection.

"We wish we didn't have it across the street, we wish we didn't have to think about self defense but they are there and we do and we are not going to let them intimidate or hurt anybody", says Dr. Smith.

"There has been violence in Virginia today along with protests, there has been violence with protests all across the country and we are here to make sure that everyone that comes, goes home safely", says Brooks.

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