Several local restaurants burglarized

- Several Houston restaurants and bars have been hit by burglars who all seem to be after the same thing.
One of those restaurants, Little J’s was broken into Tuesday morning.

HPD is currently investigating, but said they are not linking the burglaries at this time.

Josh and Angela Flowers, the owners of Little J’s near Washington Avenue, said their security company called them around 6:45 Tuesday morning with news that their restaurant had been broken into.

The Flower’s security camera was linked to their cell phone, so they were able to see the burglars live.
Angela Flowers said the safe had more than restaurant cash.

“Two of those envelopes in that safe included money for our Cigar Veterans Charity as well as the Rodeo Committee that sponsors veterans,” said Flowers. “So all of the money as well as credit card information from donors were inside the safe, along with the banks and tips for our staff.”

Little J’s isn’t the only bar near Washington Avenue whose safe was stolen. Bubbas Bar and Grill said their safe had roughly seven-thousand-dollars in it, and the burglars took it all.

“I feel sorry for the guys who have to do this,” said bar manager, David Peach.  “To take from hard-working people because they don’t want to work.”

If you take a look at the security footage from Little J’s, there are at least four masked thieves involved in the burglary. HPD said until they review the security video from the restaurants that have it, they cannot link the robberies.  But both Little J’s and Bubba’s said they believe the break-ins are unusually similar.

“There have been other bars that have been hit with this same strategy they’re not there for anything other than the safe,” said Flowers. “It’s very frustrating a lot of the businesses in this area, Heights included, are family run businesses. This is me and my wife, and daughter— this is our livelihood this is what we do, and when you rob from us it’s everything we’ve got.”

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