Several flood victims given unexpected eviction notice

- More than 20 families living in trailers received an eviction notice on Sunday instructing them to leave The Edgewood Trailer Park in Richmond, Texas.

The notice, that required a signature, says all residents and their belongings, including their trailer, must be gone by December 1, 2017.

"I don't have a place to go and I have no money to move. That's my deal. I'm homeless. I'll be out on the street," says Silvia Rendon who has lived in the Edgewood Trailer Park for four years.

The trailer park owner refused an on camera interview and provided no statement to explain why those families are being forced out.

In August, Edgewood Trailer Park was just one community out of the thousands in Texas that experienced flooding due to Harvey. Residents were evacuated, but now their homes have signs from the city of Richmond declaring their dwellings "unsafe."

Residents feel it's unfair that the trailer park owner is forcing them out, especially since they've been given no relief or aid to support their move.

"I know there's a lot of lawyers out there that God can touch a heart somewhere to help us out," says Rendon with tears in her eyes.

"We're asking for more time; at least six months to where FEMA can make their decision to give us some money so we can pull out," says Maria Lozano with the help of a translator. Lozano has been an Edgewood Trailer Park resident for several years.

Regardless, the eviction clock continues to tick.

Residents who are not allowed to sleep in the very trailers they're expected to haul away are beginning to feel helpless, with no help from the government and an approaching deadline ordered by the land owner.

"Is there somebody that could help out with the property so that we could move all of our trailers out?" asks a desperate Rendon. "We would be willing to pay like we paid rent, paid our taxes. We pay taxes here."

According to residents, no one from FEMA has been to the Edgewood Trailer Park to assess the damage.

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