Residents worried over slow debris cleanup in Fort Bend County

- One Fort Bend County neighborhood hit hard due to the flood was the Canyon Gate subdivision. Many residents there are still drying out their homes.

The main concern is now the debris. It's going on four weeks since the flooding damaged many subdivisions, like Canyon Gate, which has around 720 homes.

"Right now it's trash. At some point it wasn't," says Canyon Gate resident Gina Pinero.

Canyon Gate measuring the water in feet just a few weeks ago. Now that the water is gone, the same measuring tools can be used for the debris piled outside of every single home.

Until the garbage is out, I don't feel safe bringing them here," says Rebecca Ayala who is a mother of four children ages seven, five, three and one. "The air that's in the house is just full of mold spores. The air out here you can smell it as soon as you come into the community and that's not safe for them."

Afternoon rain weighing down the couches, the beds, the appliances now littering the Canyon Gate landscape.

"We need to get rid of this trash because it's not safe, it's not even mentally healthy for everyone here," says Ayala who dealt with water in her home for over a week.

"Everything has to be from the sidewalk to the curb. If you look around, there really is no space to put the trash. I mean, we're told that once they do and if they do, they'll pick up whatever is there and then we have to come in back here and push it forward and they will take the rest," says Pinero who is also refusing to move her family back into the neighborhood until the debris is removed.

And while wading through the flooded streets is in the past for these Canyon Gate residents, more waiting seems to be in their future.

"Right now it's a waiting game. Waiting to dry. Waiting for the garbage to go away and until then we just can't come back," says Pinero.

Adding to the issues in Canyon Gate are the unwelcome animals moving in on the trash. Residents say rats even snakes have been reported in the debris, making it that much more risky to move back

Canyon Gate is a gated community and therefore treated like private property. A waiver had to be approved by FEMA so the county can be reimbursed for the debris pickup. That waiver was approved on Monday, but there is still no timetable on with the trash removal will begin.

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