Residents in Wharton County, Galveston County can sign up for D-SNAP

When he opens the door the stench of mold smashes you in the face.

"This is my humble home... I've been here for 35 years," Curtis Edward's says. And during those 35 years, Edward's home had never flooded... until now.

"There's the water level," he says pointing to a stain on the door frame about seven inches above the floor.

He and so many people in Wharton lost so much. The raging Colorado River turned some of the city into an island, the rest it turned into a flood zone. Now weeks after the flooding, the folks are here to hand out the D-SNAP, Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program aid. The doors opened this morning.

"The first client came here at five o'clock before we opened and when we opened at eight she was through at 8:05," said Sophia Dubrebil-Berry.

The center will be open for a week. Like at previous centers they will do sections of the alphabet at a time. By noon they had already helped 220 clients, people like Clarence Crockett.

"I'm just glad to see them. We do need the help," he says.

But there is a feeling around here that Wharton is getting treated like a bit of a, if you will pardon the pun, backwater when it comes to getting aid.

"Wharton is a small town. Houston is a large city. Beaumont, all those other places. Florida and Puerto Rico. It's kind of like we are the forgotten kid," says Edwards.

But it's here now... It's going to help... but the folks like Edwards say they're no where close to being back to normal. He bursts out laughing at the idea. "Not quite! Not quite!"

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