Residents in Canyon Gate looking for answers on Harvey flooding

- Walking through their home the Magana's show the spaces that use to be their kitchen,  master bedroom and nursery. All of which flooded about a month ago. Eli Magana says 721 homes flooded in the Canyon Gate subdivision in Katy. He says he is hoping for a potential government buyout for their properties.

"They held the flood gates shut because they wanted to prevent further flooding into the Houston area, so they kept the flood gates closed and by keeping the flood gates closed the water overflowed into this subdivision and other parts of the area around here", says Magana.

Christina Micu's home also saw several feet of water, now she is filing to be a part of the class action lawsuit. "I'm upset that, that the Army Corps of Engineers can flood us if they need to and they want to and that they never compensated any of us for this either", says Micu.

A town hall meeting held Saturday morning brought hundreds of families together to talk about the flood. However, Micu says no matter what happens, nothing could replace the memories she lost.

"I mean I lost albums, I lost albums of pictures that I'm never going to see again, everybody says it's just stuff ya, but there is sentimental value to like your kids baby pictures that you're never going to have again", says Micu.

"At the end of the day we own this property and when somebody comes and damages your property, you should be given an explanation", says Magana.

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