Recent rash of horse thefts plaguing the greater Houston area

- Arabella is a 14-year-old gray mare.

“She’s like my favorite horse out of all of them,” said Arabella’s owner Devin Moss.

Moss says she was out riding horses with her boyfriend when someone drove up to their stables in Cypress and stole Arabella.

“She was all the way out in the back and they managed to take a saddle and the saddle pads and all of that,” Moss said.

Arabella is great with kids Moss says and she’s also good at roping.

“I’m sure they planned it out. They watched her, and they knew what she does. They know how good she is,” Moss said. “Kind of like the stuff you see at the rodeo team roping she does that.”

Arabella is just one of at least 5 other horses that have been stolen from owners in the greater Houston area since the end of last month, according to Stolen Horse International which also goes by

“Two days after my horse got stolen there was a horse in Waller that got stolen as well,” said Moss.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft of Arabella. Investigators are trying to determine if the same horse thieves are behind this recent rash of thefts.

Moss says Arabella is worth at least 5 grand. The saddle that was stolen is worth another three thousand dollars.

What would Moss say to the person who stole her horse?

“That we’re going to find them and they’re going to pay for this,” vowed Moss.

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