Radio Row packed with football legends

- From former players to former coaches, radio row is full of the biggest stars in football.

"Is great for exposure it's great to interact with the fans and with the media as well", says Andre Caldwell, former Broncos players who showed us his Super Bowl ring.

"This is the ultimate of or sport this is the super bowl some players, some coaches will leave here and when you say their name you will be saying that they are super bowl champions", says Herm Edwards.

Some are out taking pictures with fans, being interviewed by radio stations from across the country, while others are or trying to spread word on nonprofit.

"I've just been taking some pictures I don't know how people are randomly recognizing me without any football attire but people stop me in the street, played in super bowl city with the kids so it's been a lot of fun", says James Anderson.

"We are trying to understand what are the health issues that are that affecting players we want to find or how to diagnose them, how to best treat them and ultimately how to prevent them", says Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone with The Football Players Health Study for Harvard University.

One things certain though, many of these players feel like it's a reunion.

"It's always very cool from a football perspective because it's like a reunion, I get to see guys I played with guys I played against I mean there is football royalty there are hall of famers around here so if you love football this is a place to be", says Chad Brown.

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