Puppy heist caught on camera, owners asking for help

- Six puppies were stolen from a Houston pet store Saturday morning. Now, store owners are concerned for their safety and asking for the community's help.

It happened at the Pet City on Bammel Westfield Road just after 7 A.M. on Saturday. The shop is now offering an $800 reward per dog if they are returned, promising no questions asked.

In security camera footage, a white truck is seen arriving with four men inside. Three of the men pry open the locked shop door with crow bars. Inside, they begin franticly searching for something.

On camera, one of the men is seen snatching several pups from their kennel by the scruff. Another camera angle shows one of the thieves leaving a kennel open on the top row, and a puppy falling out onto the floor. At least one dog suffered glass cuts when the bandits started smashing the kennels open.

Three minutes later, the men left with six dogs; four English Bulldogs and two French Bulldogs. Owners say this is not the first time they've been targeted for the popular breed.

"We were hit about 13 months ago with 5 English Bulldogs," said store owner Sheri Stack, holding one of the injured pups close to her during our interview.

Flat-nosed breeds like bull dogs have delicate health. At only 8 weeks old, shop owners worries the stolen pups are in grave danger now that they are in the hands of people who showed utter disregard for animal wellbeing.

"They broke the glass and the puppies were sitting right in front of the glass," exclaimed Stack. "I mean, they didn't care about the puppies at all. To shatter glass in front of their eyes, they didn't care about them."

Anyone with information as to the dogs' whereabouts is asked to contact Pet City at (281) 587-2336, or the Harris County Sheriff's Office

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