Protestors defend Apple in Houston

- People rallied across the country Tuesday defending tech giant, Apple, saying they don’t want the government to have easy access to everyone’s cellular data.

Kamal Siddik, a local protestor, was one of many across the country who stood outside of an Apple store.

“Although they make it sound like it’s to this specific phone its more than that,” said Siddik.

He held a sign along with several others that read “don’t break our phones”. Protestors said it’s all in an effort to defend their civil liberties.

The FBI has officially asked a court to force Apple to create software that will help them guess the passcode to an IPhone 5c belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

“So when does it become the local cop who wants to get into your phone because your suspected of whatever,” said another protestor, Tim Alexander.

Many believe the FBI will use the same software to consistently encroach on the privacy of millions of people. 

“They have other investigative techniques that they can use,” said Alexander. “Use those.”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, “We're all looking for ways to make sure that we maintain access to the important evidence that we need, while also protecting privacy and security. I think we can do both."

Apple’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook, said once the FBI uses the technique on one phone, they will easily be able to use it on others.

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