Presidential race heating up

- It may be cold outside, but the race for the White House is heating up.

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is taking more hits from conservatives, while Democrat Bernie Sanders soars past Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

Fox's Patricia Stark has the latest poll numbers

Many conservatives are stepping up their attacks on Donald Trump, trying to counter act his star power endorsement from Sarah Palin.       

The national review magazine releasing a scathing critique, saying Trump isn't a conservative.

Lowry says: "He's a very talented politician, he's proven that over the last six to eight months and he's hit a nerve and he's gone where the energy is. And a lot of times I’m laughing and applauding along with his supporters. But conservatism is more than that."

The Donald fired back, saying the Republican party is now warming up to him.

Trump says: "The national review is a dying paper. It's got circulation way down. Not very many people read it anymore. People don't even think about the national review. So I guess they want to get a little publicity."

While most polls show Trump and Senator Ted Cruz far ahead of the other candidates, Ohio Governor John Kasich is sneaking up from behind in New Hampshire

Kasich says: "you know I’m not the celebrity candidate, people don't really know me across the country, so the national polls have always lagged and my game plan has always been to do well here."

On the Democratic side; Senator Bernie Sanders, who has been surging past Hillary Clinton in several key states, is now back tracking on comments he made after Planned Parenthood endorsed the former Secretary of State.

Sanders said the non-profit was part of the establishment, but now says he was criticizing its leaders.

Clinton says: "just because they're for Hillary doesn't mean they're the establishment. She's been out there with them for decades."

Voters will be able to hear the candidates face off against each other before the Iowa caucuses; with a democratic town hall in Iowa on Monday and the republican debate in Des Moines on Thursday  

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