Precinct 7 trying to determine why hard copies of tickets didn't make it to court

This woman who asked that we not show her face or say her name says she got a speeding ticket last month on the beltway.

She was pulled over and ticketed by a precinct 7 deputy constable.

“I waited the seven days they said to let it get into the system and I called every other day and was told the same thing the ticket was not in the system,” the woman said.

She says she contacted a ticket attorney and he was told the same thing when he called the court the ticket was not in the system.

On February 4th the woman says she went to court and struck up a conversation with another woman waiting to get her ticket resolved.

“She got the ticket at the same place I got it 20 minutes earlier,” the woman said. “We’re standing there looking at our tickets going wow that’s a coincidence.”

That woman was also told her ticket wasn’t in the system.

The woman we interviewed says a court clerk initially told her that the hard copy of the ticket had been located.

“I’m about to give them the 115 dollars and ask for defensive driving and something in me just said I’m going to need to see that ticket,” she said.

The driver says when she pressed the issue about seeing the ticket she was told this;

“She looked me in the eye and whispered we’re going to dismiss that,” the woman said.

She says the other woman’s ticket was dismissed too.

We spoke to her and she confirmed that over the phone.

“This is very unusual I’m not aware of it happening in the past,” said precinct 7 Chief Deputy Goree Anderson.

Anderson says somehow the paper copies of both tickets were misplaced.

“We’re going to make every attempt to find out what happened to those copies so that this does not happen again,” Anderson said. “this is an unusual situation.”

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