Potential tuberculosis cases found at high schools


It’s not something that happens very often or that is found at a school, but this week at Clements High School in Sugarland, school officials are warning parents about the potential for tuberculosis.

"I was walking by the clinic and I saw that there was a student in there, there was a bunch of stuff going around, a bunch of assumptions, found out he had tuberculosis and that it's very contagious", says Andrew Talley who is a senior at the school.

This week the school principal David Yaffie sent out a letter saying that some students and staff would be tested for the bacterial illness this week.

"I'm sure they are doing what they need to do, if the environment is being threatened I trust the school will do a good job", says Celinia Chiu, while picking up her two kids after school.

"I heard that there is a possibility for some student, I don't know much about the details", says Mehran Ghasemi who was picking up his son.

U.T. Health professor Catherine Troisi, PhD, says the illness can easily be transmitted, but that it’s less likely than the common cold or the flu. "It's really pretty hard to transmit, you have to be in close contact with somebody and it's spread by coughing or singing, it's really pretty hard to transmit, you have to be in close contact with somebody", says Troisi.

Those that are born in a foreign country are also more likely to test positive for an active case. "We do have a problem in the United States with TB and it is a little disconcerting that last year the number of cases increased, we had been seeing a decrease but last year in Texas it went up by 4%", says Troisi.

The best way to stay ahead is to be aware and to get tested if you believe you were around someone that may have it. "You can get anything from out of the blue, so maybe looking It up a little bit and just seeing how to prevent it and doing stuff like that can definitely help out", says Talley.

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