Popular trends to get the plump lip look

- When it comes to cosmetic beauty, there's one trend out-plumping the others.

Getting the perfect full luscious lip was a quest Brittany Paige started as soon as she could. 

“A lot of my friends started at 18 as well. My younger sister got hers done when she was 18. We never thought anything of it. We knew we were going to be more confident, it was something we wanted to have done,” said Brittany. 

She has been going to The Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa in southwest Houston to get lip fillers. 

“There's such a stigma about cosmetic enhancements, and if it's going to make you feel better and look better, then indirectly it is going to make you better all around,” said Paige. 

“I look at my daughters who are in their 20s, and they have beautiful lips and we just kind of want to retain that so that we don't feel so old,” said Nancy Delaune.

Delaune, 52, says fillers are the way to go. 

“We lose volume. We start getting vertical lines whether you smoke or not or just feel that their lips are more enhanced,” said Delaune. 

She let us in on the injections she gets once a year and says it’s very comfortable and not intolerable. 

“There's always risk for bruising. Some people are uncomfortable with that. Usually concealer and things like that can cover it up,” said Natalie Beegle, a registered nurse at The Institute of Anti-aging Medicine and Skin Spa. 

You can expect to pay from $400 to $1,000 depending on location and practice. 
But there's another, cheaper, way you might be able to achieve the insta-look…makeup!

“It's like a quick fix. You can do it in your car right before you go to work. Then it washes off,” said Danielle Rico who owns Beauty and the Brows. 

The makeup artist says she always gets requests from clients to make their lips look fuller. 

She showed me the multi-step process to achieve the look:
1.    Highlight the sides of the mouth
2.    Line sides of the lips with a darker color (you can overline lips)
3.    Highlight lips 
4.    Add gloss 

The cost for materials is between $10 to $40. 

Fillers and makeup are the two popular trends to get the full effect.

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