Police warn of new type of credit card skimmers at gas pumps

- Police in one Texas city are warning the public about a new type of gas pump skimmer that attaches directly to the pump computer's motherboard that all of the credit card information passes through.

Police in Seguin, Texas, released the warning after the internal credit card skimmers were found at two different locations in the city, but they say this is happening across the state.

Seguin PD says scammers break into the locked access panel of the pump by the keypad area and install the device directly to the mother board. The goal is to gather credit card information from customers paying at the pump to either sell or use later on. The scammers install the device, you pay for your gas, and the crooks come back later and can download all of the credit card activity while in close proximity, police say.

Drivers don't need to panic though. Police say there are ways to spot gas pumps that have been tampered with.

Your first step should be to pick a pump closest to the store as possible. Police say criminals are more likely to tamper with pumps at the end of rows.

Second, visually inspect the pump. The access area to the pump's computer is sealed with red tape. If the tape is broken, don't use the pump. 

Third, police say it is possible to spot a skimming device using your phone's Bluetooth. Before you put your card in the pump, go to your phone's Bluetooth settings like you're trying to pair your phone to a device and look under "Other Devices". If a strange string of numbers and letters appears, it is possible that is a skimming device, police say. 

If you encounter any of these red flags, police encourage customers to go inside and notify the store clerk and pay inside.

Police say it is also good practice to monitor your credit card statement regularly for any strange purchases.

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