Police vow crackdown on gangs in Houston

- Someone is going to pay for this. Someone will pay for killing rappers Kenny Lou and Ghost -- pay in blood.

"More than likely. Nine times out of 10, probably, yeah. Kenny Lou was well known and well loved," says Kenny Lou’s barber Paul “Junebug” Stevenson.

He and others say it’s just a matter of when and how.

Investigators are still trying to see if these killings are related to the ongoing gang war that has spilled out of the southeast side.  Two gangs, the 103 Brick Boys and the Yellowstone Boys, have been at war for a while now. It's been playing out on social media, in videos and in gunplay throughout the city.

Most Houstonians were unaware of the conflict until it arrived in River Oaks with the assassination of De'Lindsey Mack near Lamar High School. Tuesday the mayor visited the school and now HPD Chief Art Acevedo is vowing to put an end to the warfare.

"Know that this department, this chief are going to put everything we can to fight this stuff and we're going to make a difference. You're going to see some things coming that they've never seen before," said Acevedo.

He wouldn't tell us more than that about his plans.

Gerry Monroe has been telling anyone who would listen that the Third Ward gangs were tearing apart the community. He says now he's finally being heard. He just doesn't like why he's being heard.

"The only time we need to address it is when it happens in a white affluent community. Gangs. It's an epidemic. It doesn't have color. So it should've been addressed a long time ago. But yes, I'm happy that somebody is finally listening," Monroe says.

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