Police say 37-year-old serial rapist unlike any they've ever seen before

- “His motive was definitely like no motive of any suspect that I’ve ever seen before,” said HPD robbery officer Kim Miller.

37-year-old Reginald Dwayne Bond, investigators say, is unlike any serial rapist they’ve ever seen.

In 2006 they say Bond broke into a woman’s apartment in Saint Louis and left behind a fingerprint.

“That would mean for 10 years, this guy has been doing this without being caught,” Miller said.

He would watch his victims, police say, before entering their apartments between 3 and 5 a.m.

“All these women swear they locked their doors and windows before they went to bed at night,” Miller said. “But there was never any forced entry into these apartments.”

And after his arrest, police say, Bond admitted to multiple rapes here since 2014--but would not tell them how he made entry into his victims apartments.

“Sometimes he would wake them by shining a light,” said Miller. “Other times he would actually get in bed with them before waking them.”

Then police say Bond would spend two or three hours with his victims after sexually attacking them.

“So there was a sense of wanting to have a relationship with them on one hand, but of course sexually assaulting and controlling them on the other,” Miller said.

Investigators say Bond would either cover his face or the victims face.

“He always had them under a threat of harm when he was there,” said Miller.

Bond is currently charged in 5 sexual assaults in Houston and Jersey Village, and suspected in at least 4 rapes in Saint Louis.

Investigators say they believe other women were sexually attacked by Bond, and they want to hear from them.

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