Police need helping catching suspects that shot 4-year-old boy

- Outside an apartment in Houston on a hot summer day, those that are close to Sir Romeo Milam wore t-shirts with his picture and held posters to support him. They also sold food to raise money for medical bills that his family now has, all outside of the place where he was shot.

”We have got to stay strong," Lori Milam says. "We say it’s called 'Romy strong' and that’s what we are doing.”

His grandmother, Lori Milam, tells us that just a few weeks back, Sir Romeo and his sister were watching TV in the living room when shots rang out around them, striking Sir Romeo in the abdomen and hitting the bottom of his spine. Since then, the folks at Texas Children’s Hospital have been taking care of him, and so far he’s undergone 10 surgeries.

“His stomach is still wide open, so what they did was they closed it up with the wound VAC, but each time he goes under that’s bad, because that’s a lot for a four-year-old, imagine for adult,” says Milam.

His family has been by his side this whole time and say they pray that whoever did this will come forward.

“You hear this, you hear that, but we are still hoping and praying that somebody turns them in and lets them know that you were ruining a child’s life, not to mention what you’re doing to our family," Milam says.

Anyone with any information that’s call Crime Stoppers at 713–222-TIPS.

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