Police frustrated ex-con repeatedly arrested, released on bond

Jamarcus Wilson, 21, is no stranger to police or making headlines.

“Jamarcus is not a stranger to being arrested. This dirt bag has been arrested several times,” said Houston Police Union President Joe Gamaldi. “We’ve even done news stories on him before warning the public about how dangerous he is.”

In August of last year, police even held a news conference about Jamarcus Wilson. They say he committed a number of crimes called "juggings".

“A jugging is when someone actually stalks their victims,” Gamaldi said. “They find them at the bank, watch them take out money and then follow them sometimes for hours, they’ll follow them the whole day."

Then the juggers break into the victim’s vehicles or rob them at gunpoint.

Wilson who was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity was released on a $150,000 bond last September.

He racks up more felony charges while out on bond.

“Here you have someone already out on two felony bonds for engaging in organized crime, he commits a robbery while out on two felony bonds and he gets another bond on top of that,” Gamaldi said.

Last February, the district attorney's office asked Judge Nikita Harmon in the 176th District Court to deny Jamarcus Wilson bond.

But last April, she granted Wilson another $150,000 bond after his court appointed attorney said Wilson suffered from Short Bowel Syndrome.

Wilson can obviously afford to post bond but tells the court he’s indigent so taxpayers must pay his attorney fees.

“He’s working the system and he’s playing us all,” Gamaldi said. “The joke is on the Harris County community.”

We went to the 176th Criminal District Court to see if Judge Harmon would explain Wilson’s many bonds and why they weren’t revoked.

We’ve yet to hear back from the judge.   

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