Petition to deny President-Elect Trump the White House

- An online petition is now gaining steam to deny President-Elect Trump access to the White House.  The petition which is now being circulated on Change.Org. is being passed around by the hundreds of thousands on social media.

According the Constitution, each state’s electors have until December 19 to officially cast their ballots. But the founding fathers also allowed them the chance to change their minds if they found the president-elect was unfit.

This premise of an electoral vote change has many Clinton supporters hoping that electors jump the Trump ship.  However, electors are picked by their political party, but there's a unique possibility they would change their minds.

The electoral college vote has been the system in which America votes and elects our president since 1789.

Leveinson says typically these petitions happen every time a candidate wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote.

In our recent 2016 election, Clinton won the popular vote. And Trump won the electoral vote. This is the fifth time in our nation’s history that this has happened. Most recent case the Gore and Bush election in 2000.




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