Pasadena ISD student arrested for taking handgun to school

Pasadena ISD says a student was arrested for possession of a handgun at Beverly Hills Intermediate.

The gun was found after an anonymous tip.  Officials say that the gun was unloaded and there is no indication that there was intent to use the weapon, but possession of a weapon on school grounds is prohibited.

The student will not return to the school and will face criminal charges, Pasadena ISD says.

This letter was sent home to parents on Wednesday:

Dear Parent or Guardian,

School safety is the most important issue we face. Unfortunately, this afternoon, a student was arrested at Beverly Hills Intermediate for possession of a firearm on school property. The weapon was not loaded and there is no indication there was intent of any action, but possession of a weapon on school grounds is prohibited.

Action was taken immediately once administration was informed.  The police investigation is ongoing and the District is cooperating fully with officers. The weapon was not displayed in a threatening manner, and at this time, there are no indications that the gun was brought to harm any other students, faculty or staff within the school.  The student has been removed from campus and will not return to Beverly Hills Intermediate per our Student Code of Conduct; in addition, the student will face criminal charges.

Because the student was identified through an anonymous tip, we encourage students, parents, and community members to continue to be aware of suspicious behavior and report any concerns.  Anyone with any information is asked to report it right away on our See Something, Say Something website:

Please continue to help by talking to your children about reporting issues which threaten school safety.  Students are encouraged to speak to a teacher, administrator, or other adult if they have knowledge about anything suspicious.

We will continue with heightened security throughout the remainder of the school year with additional police and extra vigilance from staff.  As planned, there will be no backpacks/athletic bags, large purses, and paper for the remainder of the school year. We will provide all necessary supplies for the classroom.  When we work together, we can continue to make our school a secure place for all of our students and ensure that BHI remains a safe environment.  Please call me if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and staff.

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