Parents of Sandy Hook victims sue Alex Jones

Sandy Hook. Twenty dead kids. Six dead adults. The shooter and his mother both dead as well. It all played out on TV, but for Sandy Hook school board member Cody McCubbin, it was all too real.

“A lot of people had the ability to watch it on the TV screen and then just turn it off. They were done. But the rest of us we didn't have that availability," he said.

Then came the conspiracy theorists lead by Infowars founder and host Aex Jones. Jones called it a hoax perpetrated by the government and to some extent the media to enact gun control measures. Everyone was in on it -- the police, paramedics, the schools, the media. Those grieving parents you saw? They weren’t real, but rather so-called "crisis actors".

Now, some of those parents are fighting back.

Leonard Pozner, Veronique De La Rosa and Neil Heslin are suing Jones and Infowars in Austin, where his internet show is based, for a million-plus dollars to get him to stop spreading what they say are vicious lies.

“I can tell you this suit is not about the money. They don't need it. They don't want it. It's more personal for them,” said Attorney Bill Ogden.

Personal because some Sandy Hook parents have even received death threats from people accusing them of lying about the massacre. 

McCubbin knows nothing will change Jones's mind or the minds of his fans for that matter. Instead, he hopes the suits drive him out of business.

"If he can prove his way out of it, fine, prove his way out of it. But good luck, good luck!" he laughed.

We have reached out to Infowars and Jones for a response to the lawsuits. We have yet to hear back.

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