Open Carry supporters hold demonstration at Starbucks in Katy

- Second Amendment supporters are celebrating a new law in Texas that allows people with handgun licenses to openly carry their weapons. Some openly carried on New Year's Day, just to make a point, and found their morning cup of joe just a little sweeter than normal.

"It's a good day to be a Texan. It's a good day for the 2nd amendment," said Robbie Boetcher, standing outside a Starbucks coffee shop on Mason Road in Katy, wearing a pistol on his hip.

Boetcher says he's a regular customer at that location, and wanted to demonstrate that customers who carry weapons, concealed or openly, are not a threat. He was joined by a few friends who also openly carried their weapons in a holster.

Starbucks became a bit of a target for gun rights supporters in 2013 by asking that people not carry weapons inside their establishments. Starbucks reiterated to FOX 26, that was a "respectful request," not a prohibition.

Any business can ask a customer with a weapon to leave, but that did not happen on this New Year's Day. And the visible guns didn't seem to phase customers either.

"I had one gentleman look at me kind of surprised and then he went back to his coffee," said Paul Speer, one of the four men who joined Boetcher's demonstration.

"People certainly noticed the guns, but two people said they were glad to see us out here," Boetcher said. "I didn't get any negative reaction."

The group actually met people who said they felt a little bit safer with them there.

"I'm personally for it," Gary Miller told FOX 26 as he headed to his car. "I think the people who get the right to open carry are pretty responsible people, and they will act responsibly with it."

After the open carry group moved outside, one man arrived who said he wouldn't stay in a place where people were displaying their guns. He advised others to do the same.

"When you see somebody carrying a gun, turn around and walk out," said Tom McClain. "Tell the manager why you're leaving."

McClain says he's a former Harris County Deputy.

"I just don't think people in general, especially young people, are mature enough to carry a gun," McClain said.

A Starbuck's spokesperson told FOX 26 the demonstration in Katy was the only one the company was aware of in Texas. She said it was peaceful, and that there were no customer complaints.

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