1 death after officer fires weapon

- A man was shot and killed by HPD at Collingsworth and 59 Saturday evening.

HPD said the call initially came in at 5:45 from an officer patrolling the area.

The officer, identified as K. Levi, saw a male off to the side of the road damaging signs and in what he described as a ‘state of rage’. He said the man looked agitated and had bulging veins in his neck.

Officer Levi reported that the male might have been on PCP or another narcotic.

HPD said Officer Levi tried to calm the man down and told him stay at a distance. That is when the man began to charge him. Officer Levi gave continuous commands, yelling ‘stop’ and ‘calm down’ until finally the suspect reached a distance in which the officer said he had no choice but to taze him.

The tazer did not affect the man, who continued to back the officer into oncoming traffic as he charged him. That's when Officer Levi had to try a more aggressive approach. He shot the man several times, who at that time was just several feet away from him.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene. HPD said the officer acted in defense using his tazer twice before pulling his gun on the man who charged him.

Officer Levi has been put on administrative leave for several days.


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