North Houston residents tired of apartment complex shootings

- A woman is now out of the hospital after a shooting at her daughter's apartment complex.

She said she's tired of the constant violence at the Arbor Court Apartments in Greenspoint. and that property management needs to do more.

Arbor Court Apartments is the same apartment complex in which three people were shot dead in March.

Houston police say about a month ago, just after midnight, Sharon McCarter and her daughter heard knocking at their door. Then, a voice -- asking for a man who didn't live there.

They didn't open the door, but then Sharon McCarter made the mistake of looking out the window...and letting the shooters see that movement.

“I closed the window but I was still standing at the window. Next thing I know, I felt something burning in my leg. Next thing, I told my daughter, I've been shot,” said Sharon McCarter, a shooting victim.

Some of these gunshots cleared the window, through the living room wall, into the kitchen and out the kitchen window.

At the time, Sharon, her daughter and her two grandchildren -- both babies -- were in the apartment.

“That's when my daughter hit the floor, and after that, it started going off like, pow, pow, pow, pow! She grabbed me by my arm and started dragging me to the back,” said McCarter.

After that, she ran to protect her kids.

According to police, the two suspects were never caught.

Now, Sharon is out of the hospital, and her daughter has decided to come back to the apartment after living elsewhere for a while.

They are upset about the apartment complex's security, saying the danger is chronic here and that something needs to be done.

“I feel like it's real dangerous here because we don't know who shot the apartment up, and they're still out there and I don’t want my daughter or my grandbabies here,” said McCarter.

“I can't let my kids crawl or walk around the apartment anymore. It's scary to even leave my room. We just stay locked in my room since we've been back,” said the daughter.

FOX 26 reached out to Related Management, the company that owns Arbor Court, to ask about the frequency of shootings and to ask what their security protocols are for residents.

They have not gotten back to us yet with a response.

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