No 'campus carry' for University of St. Thomas

- University of St. Thomas president Dr. Robert Ivany has released the following statement regarding the Campus Carry law:

Dear Members of the St Thomas Community,

On October 2, 2015, I informed the campus community that I would consult with the representatives of the staff, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students to determine if we should "opt-out" of Campus Carry, an option provided to private institutions of higher education by SB 11.  SB 11 allows concealed handgun license holders to carry guns on campus. Thank you all who participated in this process. 

I am grateful that our representatives made every effort to ascertain their constituents' wishes on this important issue. The safety of each of us is our university's most basic responsibility. Safety includes many considerations. Most importantly, it is the creation of an environment based on mutual trust and faith in our ability to respond to threats to our community. Your response confirms my faith in the secure campus environment we have created and in the capability of our University Police Department.

The clear majority of our representatives asked me to "opt-out" of this legislation, which we will do.

Our security is a continuous responsibility. We are improving the capability of our University Police Department with the construction of new facilities. We will also plan for increased exercises and workshops to build knowledge and confidence that will help to keep our community safe.

Again, thank you to all who participated in this process. Your vigorous engagement in this and other critical questions are the foundation of our security and of our future as an institution committed to its mission to educate leaders of faith and character.

With best wishes for a blessed and safe Christmas season,

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