New UH poll shows Harris County voter shift

- The last few weeks has made a difference to some voters in Harris County.

A new poll released by the University of Houston shows the tides have shifted -- Harris County seems to be moving more toward the Democratic Party.

Some analysts believe it is because of millennials.

“I believe millennials are focused, and they are interested in the electoral process. They're also not afraid to speak out for what they believed in. These are not adults that are voting among their parents’ party lines,” Nyanza Moore, an attorney and political commentator.

According to the UH poll, out of 400 registered voters surveyed, 43 percent said they would vote for Clinton vs 36 percent for Trump. That 7 point lead is just in Harris County. An earlier UH poll found Trump leads Clinton by 3 percentage points in the state of Texas.

“Texas has always been a -- for the last 20 years or so -- a solid red state. I don’t think that has changed,” said Bob Price, a political analyst for Breitbart Texas

As for the local races, Democratic challenger Kim Ogg polled 7 points higher than incumbent Republican Devon Anderson. That is a big change from just a month ago when Anderson and Ogg were one point apart.

“I think Kim Ogg has run a very good campaign. I think Devon Anderson has run a good campaign. She has her record that she has to stand on and that record is going to be questioned by voters on both side,” said Price.

“Devon Anderson -- this was her race to lose. Some of the things she's done to Harris County and to the citizens of this county, like putting a rape victim in jail and then doubling down on that at the debate. Those were not things that helped her, so that would have caused a shift,” said Moore.

For the Harris County Sheriff seat – the poll showed neck and neck numbers between Republican Sheriff Ron Hickman at 37 percent and Democratic challenger Ed Gonzalez at 36 percent.

The poll was conducted between October 7 -15, so it does not include the impact from Wednesday’s final presidential debate.



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