New ad criticizes D.A's handling of rape victim's jailing

- This past summer, it was revealed that Harris County prosecutors put a mentally ill rape victim in jail to make sure she could complete her testimony.

The rape victim, Jenny, was locked up for nearly a month. Her testimony helped put convicted rapist Keith Hendricks behind bars but critics say Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson should never have allowed a victim to be put in jail.
Now, her election opponent Kim Ogg has released a new ad, criticizing Anderson’s handling of the rape victim’s jailing. In it, the rape victim’s mother speaks. Below is a transcript

Mother: My daughter jenny was the victim of rape. Testifying in court, she broke down. She was hurting. She needed compassion, but she was handcuffed and put in the back of a police car and District Attorney Devon Anderson's office had her sent to jail -- the same jail as her attacker -- for 27 days, and Jenny was brutalized there. I'd like to tell Devon Anderson jail is for rapists and other violent criminals. It's no place for innocent victims, like my daughter.

Devon Anderson did address the issue in a video statement in July. She said, in part, “If nothing was done to prevent the victim from leaving Harris County in the middle of trial, a serial rapist would have gone free, and her life would have been at risk while homeless on the street.”

Now, in response to this new ad, Anderson gave Fox 26 a statement that says in part:

“Ogg’s last ad was riddled with lies and half-truths.  This ad is more of the same. In this campaign there are many differences between the candidates for District Attorney - this highlights another. Devon Anderson’s office put Jenny’s rapist in prison serving two consecutive life sentences. He was a serial rapist who targeted homeless, mentally ill victims. Kim Ogg said at a candidate debate that she would have let the rapist go free. Kim Ogg has failed to gain any meaningful support here at home so she has brought in outside money, from a notorious liberal and worldwide promoter of a socialist agenda in her win at all costs campaign.  Billionaire George Soros has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars smearing hard working prosecutors all across the country.  It’s no surprise he’s doing it again here in Harris County.”

Ogg's campaign did respond back to Anderson’s statement, stating Ogg never said she would have let the rapist go free, just that she would have found an alternative to putting her in jail.

Ogg’s staff also said one of their campaign contributors is Texas Safety and Justice PAC, which is funded by Soros, but that Ogg has never met Soros.

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