More questions surrounding parole board's decision to not revoke accused killer's parole

- Three days after parole officials freed 26-year-old Kiara Taylor, he allegedly murdered 19-year-old Peter Mielke while robbing a pizzeria in Bellaire.

Fox 26 discovered even more evidence the parole board had to send Taylor back to prison but for whatever reason chose not to do that.

“He was a time bomb waiting to explode,” said crime victims advocate Andy Kahan.

According to state documents, it’s clear Taylor was not going to comply with the conditions of his parole.

“Three months after he gets out he gets convicted not once, but twice. Two state jail felonies of burglary,” Kahan said.

Documents reveal that was enough for his parole officer and a hearing officer to recommend Taylor be returned to prison.

“But the parole board overruled the recommendation and allowed him to continue on supervision,” said Kahan.

According to documents Taylor, who didn’t work one day while on parole was sent to live in a halfway house in Beaumont.

“He was in possession of alcohol, he was in possession of contraband, a cell phone and he bolted,” Kahan said.

When Taylor was found, parole officials put him in a parole violator facility for 90 days instead of sending him back to prison. After he got out Taylor was sent to a halfway house in Austin.

“There was an assault in the halfway house which he readily admits to assaulting another client in the halfway house,” said Kahan.

Documents state Taylor said he fled the Austin halfway house because he feared being arrested for the assault.
He was on the run for two months until he got picked up for evading arrest.

Get this.

Instead of revoking his parole and putting him back in prison parole officials once again send Taylor to a parole violator facility for 90 days.

“And then three days after he’s released from the parole violator facility he is alleged to have shot and killed 19-year-old Peter Mielke,” Kahan said.

Last week a parole board spokesman said Taylor’s parole wasn’t revoked because he had no violent history.

Of course that’s not the case since the agency’s own documents state Taylor admitted to hitting another halfway house resident.

Now that spokesman says he needs another day before he can get back with us to explain that.

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