Mom back where her daughter disappeared looking for missing teen

- A Houston area mom who’s daughter is missing hopes you can help bring her home. The heartbroken mother has been searching for answers since her 16-year-old daughter Ali Lowitzer went missing while walking to work right down the street from their home. 

The teen got off the school bus, was walking to her job in a nearby plaza but never made it. That was eight years ago today. On the anniversary of her disappearance, the teen’s mom is set up at the intersection of Cypresswood and Treaschwig hoping someone will help her figure out what happened to Ali.

"My hope is one day we’ll find her and she’ll come home,” says JoAnn Lowitzer.

In fact, everyday for the last eight years Lowitzer has dedicated her life to finding her daughter Ali. That’s obvious from all of the missing person posters, pictures and banners inside her home and even plastered on her car.

"It feels like forever.  Then sometimes I’m like gosh that just feels like it was yesterday.  I still wake up every single day and Ali’s not home."  

On this day, April 26, 2018, Lowitzer and families across Texas are handing out fliers and doing what they can to bring their missing loved ones homes.  You see, it’s Texas Missing Persons Day, founded by Mrs. Lowitzer a year ago and now recognized statewide.  

"If my mind isn’t kept busy then it’s a bad day because all I do is think about Ali," Mrs. Lowitzer says. 

On April 26, 2010, 16-year-old Ali had only been employed three weeks.  She was heading to work at the Burger Barn, her first job and the first time she ever walked there, and she simply vanished. 

"You know, we haven’t found a body so Ali is out there somewhere,” says Mrs. Lowitzer through tears.

All these years later, Lowitzer is back out at the spot near where her daughter disappeared talking to anyone who will listen.  “

Hi my daughter has been missing for eight years,” she says to one man stopped at the red light as she hands him a flier asking if he might have information.

“I’m just offering up a chance for people to come by that might have some information that they’ve never given."

She says there is at least one person who knows what happened to Ali.

"I just hope one day that one person is brave enough to come forward and say something. That way we can end all of this and bring Ali home.”  Lowitzer is hopeful that day is today.  

She was planning to have a balloon release, but decided against it because Ali is an animal lover and wouldn’t like the idea of the balloons ending up polluting an animal’s natural habitat.  

"She’d probably say 'mom you don’t want to have the turtles eat the balloons'.  I could just hear her little voice in my head saying that,” smiles Lowitzer. 

There is a $25,000 reward if you have information regarding Ali Lowitzer’s disappearance.  Mrs. Lowitzer is hosting a fundraiser on Sunday at the Twisted Monkey bar on Aldine Westfield. She hopes to be able to raise the reward after Sunday’s benefit.

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