Mixed emotions around President Trump's order to ban visas to Muslim refugees

- The White House is working on an executive order to block refugees from mostly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

White House Press  Secretary Sean Spicer says more information about the order is expected later this week but the order is expected to restrict visas to refugees from at least seven predominantly Muslim countries including Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Some say they support President Trump’s plan.

“Weren’t the Muslims the ones that came over here and messed out stuff up and killed a bunch of people. Tell me your opinion though? What are we going to do to keep ourselves safe? Buy American, build American, be American.”

Others say the executive order is discriminatory.

“I think he’s being racist,” Says Lorina Heng.

Some in the Muslim community says it will do more harm than good and reawaken a dark chapter from America’s past.

“We’ve done this before, this is not the first time that we’ve maligned folks, but anytime you do that, you actually divide this country up, you’re starting to divide this nation up… a nation divided cannot stand,” said Mustafa Carroll, the Director of Houston’s CAIR chapter.

He says the proposed executive order will not make America safer and says there are many  misconceptions about Muslims.

“Almost 20 percent of our folks are medical doctors, 30 percent of our folks are engineers, close to 60 percent are formally educated, they pay their fair share of taxes and less than a percent of all Muslims in America commit crimes,” said Carroll.

But some do support the president’s work and say he should do everything in his power to keep America safe.

“He needs to do whatever, he needs to do to make the country safe,” said Tommy Pounders.

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