Missouri City residents battle brown water

- Whenever Lorraine Milton flips on the tap, she's never sure what's going to come out.

"Green water was coming out. Then a month after that brown water was coming out. This was several years ago. Now last week the water was brown again."

Her son shot  video the last time the water changed colors, the water is deep brown. Even though her water is clear now, she wonders if there is something in there she can't see.

"Very concerned about cancer. My son. it could be lead, it could be poisonous chemicals. It could be anything. I know it's not normal. I know that for sure."

The navy veteran claims that it's causing her and her family to have heath issues.. So now they all use bottled water for drinking.

She's not the only one having water issues. I talked to other homeowners who say their water occasionally changes color.

The problem seems to come after periods of heavy rain or after maintenance is performed. Some wonder if nearby  oil wells might be part of the problem too. The water situation is also a frequent topic on the Missouri City Concerns Facebook page. Milton says she's even  filed a complaint with the EPA.

Milton and her neighbors in the Lake Olympia Subdivision get their water from MUD #49.. It's one of the Quail Valley Municipal Utility Districts.  Fox 26 put her in touch with them and she says they told her they take complaints seriously and they were going to come out and test it this afternoon.

We had her give us a sample and we're going to have it tested too.... We'll keep you posted.

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