Congressman's son, Missing University of Houston student has been found

- The son of a Michigan congressman is missing in Houston. The University of Houston student disappeared on Tuesday. Carl Conyers is the youngest son of longtime Michigan State Representative John Conyers Jr.

The 21-year-old lives in a Houston Third Ward area apartment with another UH student.  Conyers’ roommate says one minute he was in the apartment and in the next moment Conyers' bedroom door was locked and he had simply vanished. 

“I saw him at our apartment around 6 p.m. Tuesday,” explains Conyers’ roommate Chet Ball. "He did mention that it had been 'a crazy day', his exact words.  Whatever that meant to him could have been what caused this.”

Conyer’s roommate says he left their apartment and returned Tuesday around 8 p.m. with their friend Corey Gentry. 

"We proceeded to do homework and we knock on his door and there’s no answer.  So we assume he doesn’t want to be bothered.  We shoot him a text ‘hey we’re about to start’ and no response.  So we said ‘hey we’ll give him his space,’” explains Ball.

Ball says Conyers' girlfriend, Daisha Lewis, called Wednesday morning saying she hadn’t been able to reach him.  So Ball says he unlocked Conyers' bedroom door and was surprised to find the room empty.  Conyers was gone and so was his house key but everything else was still there.

“Everything is still in his apartment.  His vehicle’s here.  His bicycle is here,” explains Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch.  Equusearch volunteers are helping look for Conyers.

"The cell phone was still here.  We had it the whole time so there was no way to get in contact with him,” explains Conyers’ friend Corey Gentry.

"Made me feel like he might have just walked on his own,” says Ball. 

Wednesday morning Conyers supposedly sent his girlfriend a message asking her to meet him on campus.  "It was a personal message to his girlfriend.  After that we went to university center to look for him.  He wasn’t there,” says Gentry. 

"I’m real concerned being from this neighborhood and someone comes up missing.  It’s sad.  He has family.  It’s confusing and sad.  I hope he’s found.  I’m praying for him,” says Conyers’ neighbor Robert Handy.

"I’m concerned very much.  Knowing Carl personally and living with him I’m trying to think of what he may be thinking right now and trying to remain calm and positive,” adds Ball.

Conyers dad, John Conyers is the longest current serving member of Congress.  He has been a state representative since 1965.  The-21 year-old’s mom Monica Conyers is a former Detroit City Council Member who served prison time after pleading guilty to Conspiring to Commit Bribery. 

Fliers are being posted in hopes of finding Conyers.  Texas Equusearch volunteers are also out looking for the missing college student as investigators try to figure out if Conyers vanished due to foul play or if he chose to leave on his own.

“The other thing we fear, we certainly hope he didn’t choose to harm his own self,” says Miller.

Friends say Carl Conyers may have been stressed over school.  They also say he loved his beard but shaved it off just before he went missing. 

The Houston Police Department Missing Persons Unit is the lead investigating agency, but the FBI and Secret Service are also working to find the missing UH student.

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