Minimum wage employees protest for $15 an hour

- From inside the loop to out by the airport, minimum wage employees have been out, standing up for what they believe in and demanding what they say they deserve.

"We deserve the right to have our raise, our pay raised to $15, nobody in Texas can survive off the wages of $7.25, no one", said Laselle Rosborough who attended today's protests.

"Childcare, health care, even airport professions are fighting for $15 an hour", said another man protesting Isaias Sapon.

Workers from McDonalds to baggage handlers at the airport gathered together to tell the community what it's like to be making $7.25 an hour.

"I'm going to graduate soon, live on my own and I live with parents and I'm still not really able to cover my car payment and my books", said Ashanince Nino who stood along JFK holding a sign that read "Fight for 15".

"With prices on booths and concessions at the airport being so high these companies can not say that they can not afford to pay $15 dollars an hour", says Jorge Bonilla who is the assistant general chair person for the National Association of Machinists.

Organizers tell us Houston police arrested seven protestors who sat on the feeder road by Beechnut & 610, blocking traffic.
However protestors say that didn't stop them from carrying the rally over to Bush Intercontinental.

Rosborough says, "it didn't do anything it pretty much made us stronger, we are not leaving, we are not giving up and we'll continue to fight".

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